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Logan H.

10/10 experience. If I could rate it 10 stars I would. Starting from the front desk, they always pick up/return calls quickly and were sweet and professional. The nurse was very empathetic and took her time checking me out, usually I feel rushed and a burden. The nurse practitioner was outstanding, she was very knowledgeable about my symptoms & knew exactly what to do next. They were even able to administer a test in the office instead of sending me to the lab! I have nothing bad to say about this office, thank you for setting the bar so high.

William H.

Just completed my 2nd visit that was a follow up. Highly recommend this practice. They took the time to address all my medical concerns and to promptly set me up with the referrals I need. Professional and friendly staff that make you feel comfortable and at ease. I am so happy finally found a great place for my medical care.

Lawson C.

Dr. Gordon is an outstanding provider who is always focused on her patient. You don't feel rushed and Dr. Gordon really listens to what's going on and why you are in her office. Her whole staff makes it a great experience every time I am in her office or I call them on the phone. Definitely call and set an appointment with Dr. Gordon today.

Morgan S.

I've been going to a huge hospital/doctor chain since I moved to Columbia 6 years ago. Over the years, I spent hours on the phone trying to get prescriptions filled, appointments scheduled, and just a call back from a doctor or nurse. I thought that was my only option and that it was the norm until my NP left that practice and I made the switch the Comprehensive Family Medicine. When I say in and out, I mean I was in there and I out was out just like that! The whole appointment took barely 30 minutes. Dr. Katherine Gordon is not only knowledgeable and thorough, she is hilarious. The front staff is so attentive and always pleasant. After an injury, I probably called their office 10 times trying to get appointments scheduled and referrals secured and they answer the phone (a real person not an answering machine) every single time, and if they have to call me back they call me back quick with the right information. This doctor's office came into my life at a time when I really needed quality medical care and due diligence and I am grateful. They get my referral every time.

Angela S.

I have suffered from severe back pain for years now that had gotten worse very fast recently. All of my other doctors ignored me all because of my age and I had begun to think myself that i was crazy. The FIRST visit with my new Doctor Dr. Gordon changed everything. She instantly scheduled an MRI and they FOUND A DIAGNOSIS!! Without her i doubt I ever would have found one. She listens and genuinely cares about her patients. Highly recommend people going to her.

Michelle M.

Friendly staff and Dr. Gordon is wonderful. I would highly recommend her!

Garland R.

Doctor Gordon is great, she listens to her patients.

Adam M.

The very best doctor I have ever seen!