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Potenza™ RF Microneedling

Are you struggling with increasing signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin? Maybe you have excessive acne that you’d prefer to live without. The unfortunate news is that after age 30, our bodies begin to produce less collagen, causing our facial skin to decline in quality. When it comes to helping you age in reverse, few systems are better than Potenza™ RF microneedling. Through a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency, this amazing device can deliver fantastic anti-aging results with little to no downtime. If you’re ready to give this treatment a try, we welcome you to schedule your appointment at our West Columbia office today.


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What Is Potenza™ RF Microneedling?

Our Potenza™ RF microneedling system uses a combination of radiofrequency energy with traditional microneedling. The RF energy produced by this device is delivered through tiny micro-needles for maximum absorption into your dermis. RF energy is harnessed to heat underlying skin layers, causing constriction and tightening of the skin through soft tissue coagulation.

The long-term benefit of this treatment is that it also promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin over time.

What Does the Treatment Address?

The Potenza™ device is an excellent choice for those struggling with acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, and uneven skin texture. This amazing system promotes long-term rejuvenation benefits while also tightening your skin. If you are interested in regaining your radiant complexion, look no further than Potenza™.

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How Does Potenza™ RF Microneedling Work?

The treatment procedure is straightforward. During your visit, we will apply the Potenza™ RF microneedling device to your skin. The device will create micro-injuries on your skin, triggering your body’s natural healing process and encouraging it to regenerate new collagen and elastin. Unlike other revitalization treatments, this process can be performed on all skin types, anywhere on the body. The entire procedure is usually performed in under an hour, but treatment time may vary depending on your treatment area(s).

What Results Can I Expect?

Following your visit, you may notice some immediate skin rejuvenation results. Once you leave our office, your skin will feel refreshed and radiant. Full collagen-rebuilding effects can be experienced in 4-6 weeks after treatment, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks. The number of sessions you have will play a big role in how soon you see results and how long these results will last.

Before and After Results

Potenza™ RF Microneedling Treatments in West Columbia, SC

Improving the appearance of your skin doesn’t have to involve extensive surgical procedures. Here at Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics, we offer effective Potenza™ treatments to help you get the skin you want. To get started, please click the button below or call (803) 814-2288. We are available 24/7 and accommodate same-day appointments.